Expandable PolyethyleneEPE for short, is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) compressed mainly from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) material.

Currently, EPS is a relatively advanced protective inside package material. EPE has a higher elasticity and white appearance. Since it is complete independent bubble, it is light weight, flexible, bendable. Having improved ordinary polyfoam’s shortcomings of fragile and proteinform.

EPE has the properties of warmth preservation, moisture prevention, thermal insulation, sound insulation, antifriction, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

EPE is an environmentally friendly material which can be recycled. Plus its good chemical properties, it is an ideal substitution of traditional package material. EPE has been widely used in products package area, such as computer, electrical appliance, expensive furniture, leather products and so on. Especially slap-end art ware package, not only luxurious but also has good quake resistance protective effect. Developing towards high grade is the future trend of EPE package.

Since EPE is a new environmentally friendly package material. Its superiority is gradually accepted by people, and its application is enlarging and innovating.
As the increasing popularity and demand of EPE material, we should also pay attention to its recycling after using. Waste EPE is increasing, its enormous volume and light weight make it very inconvenient to transport.
Luckily, our company INTCO can provide total solution to EPE recycling. Our product GREENMAX is an EPE compactor. The waste EPE is compacted by GREENMAX to a much smaller volume for transportation.