Disadvantages of Polyethylene Plastic Foam Insulation Interior

Although we have known much about advantages about polyethylene foam, the disadvantages are also much. The following is the disadvantages:

1. The construction needs linked network, and the construction process is cumbersome and long duration.
2. Flammable, poisonous gas after combustion. Common polystyrene foam insulation board is easy to burn, and toxic smoke produced by combustion. Even adding a flame retardant, the combustion can only reach B grade.
3. Material strength is poor, prone to crack and insulation shedding phenomenon is relatively common.
4. Polystyrene foam insulation board need to enhance the process because of its limited strength and load-bearing ability.
5. The quality of polyethylene plastic foam board is unstable, the material need to become mature before they can use. Otherwise, quality will not be guaranteed and could lead to foam board shrinkage cracking.

China recycled polyethylene industry originated in the 1980 and the entire industry gradually enter into a stable period of development. But the industry is facing a very big dilemma with the market economy turmoil and declining profitability.

1. Raw material constraints. China’s domestic waste recovery rate is still low and supply quality and supply volume is unstable. As plastics consuming country, China’s dependence on imports of polyethylene waste plastics still remained above 30%. So the industry is still facing raw material supply need normalization recycling system urgently.
2. The technical constraints. Polyethylene plastic waste sorting costs accounted for one-third of the cost of the treatment process. The vast majority of employees of rural surplus labor and professional standards need to be improved. At the same time, due to technical constraints, recycled polyethylene pellet quality is difficult to guarantee. A large proportion of applications is limited, especially in the space small share of high-end products.


3. The clustering is poor. Since the industry concentration is not high, sewage treatment and other related equipment system is not perfect.
4. Poor conception. Environmentally friendly plastic recycling society awareness is not high. And the media have biased opinion on the development of recycled polyethylene industry and fuzzy development of the industry.