Demand for Personalized Plastic Package Is Getting Stronger

Plastic is a kind of high polymer material basically consists of macromolecule polymer resin. Applying plastic bottles to package material is a symbol of modern packaging technology. Plastic bottles have been widely used in food package industry, which enormously replaces glass, metal, paper and other traditional packages and becomes the main packaging material in food sales package.

Plastic bottles are manufactured in large scales, plastic bottle producers can only depend on large scales production to make profit, for a single plastic bottle has a specially low profit. At the same time, plastic bottle producing needs a mould to finalize the shape, consequently, we have to redesign the mould in order to achieve personalized plastic bottles.

However, as the market develops, high-end luxuries are getting more and more popular. Young people demand stronger for personalized packages. For example, last year, Coca-Cola  launched personalized plastic bottles by impressing different labels such as happy youth to meet young people‚Äôs requirements, Which has won great success.

Therefore, what we need now is some specialized enterprises concentrating on personalized plastic bottles to meet the market demand. As a package material, plastic has its own advantages and disadvantages. We need to promote its advantages and avoid its disadvantages, so that we can make better use of its values.