Demand For Plastic Foam Packaging is Growing

In recent years, demand for foam packaging is growing, according to Freedonia group (Freedonia group) published the latest report, the need of the foam is rising by 4.1% of the annual growth rate, will rise to 86 million pounds and be worth up to $247 billion in 2017.

Under the influence of economic crisis, the United States has always been a bad foam Market during 2007-2012, will gradually get rid of the trend of decline and health recovery in the future,. Freedonia analyst Mc Murtrie Bridget said: "we expect the construction industry will be strong growth, the foam insulation products gives a great opportunity." To 2017, the packaging will remain the main export of plastic foam, accounting for the total demand of about 1/3.

Foam plastics is an important category of plastic products, a wide variety of products in the industry, agriculture, construction and daily life has a wide range of uses. With the rapid development of petrochemical and plastic products industry, the production of PUR foam in China increase rapidly, according to international conference in Copenhagen to disable the Freon blowing agent of the resolution, China must looking to accelerate the pace of the alternatives as soon as possible to achieve all the alternatives. At the same time,developing high flame retardant, low smoke PUR foam, to strengthen the structure of the PUR foam and high bearing capacity of the development and application of the development of the industry can provide a strong support and protection in the new century .

And new housing projects increased, consumer spending rose will promote the application of foam in household products, such as bedding, furniture and home appliances. In the automotive market, the increase in vehicle production and the improvement of safety and comfort requirements will also promote the demand for foam.

Soft polyurethane foam will remain the main product type of this kind of resin. To 2017, soft polyurethane foam demand will exceed hard polyurethane foam, due to the cushioning properties, bedding and carpet lining market demand for this product will increase rapidly.

At the same time, the construction industry's health recovery and changes in building regulations will pull the demand for rigid polyurethane foam. Rigid polyurethane foam can be used in the roof and wall insulation, doors and windows insulation and air bubble shield. However, the polyurethane foam insulation material will continue to resist the competition from the glass fiber and EPS foam densifier.

EPS due to its excellent protection, heat insulation, moisture and low cost, is 2/5 of the total foam demand, to 2017 ,the market share is still relatively large. However, on the whole packaging field, the use of disposable foam plastic products caused by solid waste disposal problems will control the demand for foam plastic and cause a certain impact on paper materials competition.

With the growing demand for plastic foam in the field of packaging, the number of scrap foam is increasing year by year. Therefore, it is necessary to recycle styrofoam in the global scope.