Current Waste Polystyrene Foam Recycling Method

The incineration of waste recovery is that placing polystyrene plastic in a special incinerator burning heat recovery to replace part of the fuel, which can partially replace iron-smelting, power generation and combustion boiler fuel. Although it is possible to obtain combustion energy but it need to use special combustion furnace. Otherwise, incomplete combustion will produce polystyrene, styrene and other harmful substances and cause secondary pollution to the environment. Although incineration recovered some heat, high recovery costs and value in use of materials has not been fully utilized.

Chemical pyrolysis recycling polystyrene styrene monomer at a high temperature is easily broken down to aromatic compounds. Chemical pyrolysis method is one way to high-quality recycling. The disadvantage is also present on the low recovery and recycling equipment problems.

Solvent recovery solvent recovery granulation PS foam waste recycling product does not require high temperature process performance is close to the legal system of the suspension is spherical polystyrene particles directly. Renewable materials have excellent performance, a wide range, can be used instead of new materials for high-grade PS plastic products. But the solvent for dissolving mostly the PS as benzene and benzene derivative mostly have strong toxicity, and ester solvent, although non-toxic, the smell strongly, expensive and not suitable for mass production.

The melt extrusion method recycling and pelletizing the melt-extrusion methods polystyrene foam recycling facilities exist less investment, simple process, recycling particle performance at reasonable process conditions can be better maintained and diversified product use characteristics, currently used more often. With advances in recovery technology, new recycling extruder and new recycling technology continue to emerge, so that the molten extrusion recycled polystyrene product quality continues to improve, and the application continues to increase.

Other recovery methods with the development of science and technology, polystyrene recycling process of waste materials is increasing. In addition to the above four recovery methods, polystyrene waste plastic can be modified after the production of paints, coatings and so on. Not all these methods will be in this expansion because these methods are relatively rarely used.