Chinese Government Will Vigorously Promote Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine

Plastic bottle recycling machine now is playing the role of waste plastic bottle recycler, but it can give more profits to people who hand over the waste bottles than the traditional recyclers. Both the recycling machine and recyclers collect the waste plastic bottles from bottle beverage consumers and then deliver them to have a regeneration process.

plastic bottles

The penetration rate of plastic bottle recycling machine in some European and American countries is above 90%. The collected waste bottles are generated into recycled plastic products. This whole recycling line involves advanced recycling machinery support, from the collecting machines on the streets, the dewatering and compacting machines realizing bottle volume reduction, to the waste plastic granulation machines.

This is a promising industry. Waste PET plastic bottles can be made into many valuable things, such as blankets, shirts, soundproof boards and so on. China as a large plastic production and consumption country, also wants to run well this green industry and make fully use of waste plastic materials, but the truth is, the penetration rate of plastic bottle recycling machine in China is below 10%.

plastic bottle recycling machine

According to Zhao Ying, member of CPPCC Beijing Committee, the promotion scale of plastic bottle recycling machines in Beijing is far from enough, so it is necessary to increase the rebating amount and have a vigorous promotion. Government should play an important role in advocating the application of plastic bottle recycling machines. Zhao Ying said that there is a large progress space in this recycling area and the full penetration of recycling machines can brings 15,000 job opportunities.

GreenMax as a foam recycling machine manufacturer, also get involved in this bottle recycling industry. Poseidon is a special series different from the foam densifier of GreenMax. It is particular for beverage bottle dewatering and compacting, just as the machines mentioned above. There is hope that by working unitedly and correctly, we can make the environmental protection career much better.

GreenMax Poseison