Chinese Waste Plastics Association Sponsored China Plastics Recycling Exhibition in Tianjin

On November 11 - 12,2015, Chinese Association of waste plastics sponsored the fourteenth session of the China plastics recycling and regeneration of the general assembly / exhibition in Tianjin.

Executive vice president of the Chinese waste plastics Association ,the Secretary General Wang Wang presided over the session, he proposed that we need to unite and work together to find a way out:

Oil prices is in the doldrums, the waste plastics industry space is greatly compressed, we need to care for the fate of the entire industry from now on.

Every plastic recycling is the guardian of the earth.

As long as there is human, as long as there is human life, plastic recycling industry space is unlimited!

The chief engineer of the Shanghai Intco Greenmax Recycling Co. Ltd. Li Zhijie introduced the Intco vertical integration strategy:

EPS global recycling, we recycles 60000 tons waste PS plastic per year by our Greenmax Recycling machine.

Intco renewable PS foam densification and compression equipment.

At present, Intco Greenmax Recycling series EPS foam compactor and densifier equipment has been promoted and applied successfully in more than 30 countries or regions. (including China)
Intco renewable PS plastics research laboratory, produced high quality EPS recycled particles 

Intco green workshop

Intco products: PS moulding and frame products, have been successfully sold to all over the world.

In the meeting process, each issue was around "industry transformation" o, along with the time evolution, association members were pleased to the overall content of the conference arrangements, praised the association in the key period of the development of the industry, brings to the enterprise sector thought gluttonous feast.

ChinaReplas China plastics recycling and Recycling Conference / exhibition industry has become the industry's most professional, the largest, the most exciting exchange of ideas once again, has become a waste plastics industry annual wind vane.