Chinese Resource Recycling System Upheaval is Approaching

In 2015, Chinese recycling industry is facing an unprecedented impact, making the development of the industry was gloomy. Many people have lost confidence in the industry, the business landscape evolved into a dish almost stupid move.

Finally, at the end of 2015, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent have released their layout in the field of secondary recycling, quickly breaking the rigid structure within the industry before.

Today, waste resource recycling industry has also become a gold mine in the eyes of networking giant.

E waste recycling

Baidu Robin Li has built waste Recycling site at 22 City

Baidu trash recycling site released in mid-November 2015 by the Baidu CEO Robin Li. The starting of Baidu Recycle Bin is very high. Robin Li personally played so that ordinary entrepreneurs felt "dark clouds transit", but even Li invited UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to pull up the site, the birth of Baidu Recycle Bin is noble. Baidu Trash expressed, at present, the "Green Bin service Baidu alliance" was established in Shanghai by the United Nations Development Programme and Baidu. The alliance intends to take advantage of this open platform Baidu Recycle Bin, to provide consumers with e-waste recycling services. Currently, Baidu recycling has been carried out electronic waste recycling business in the country 22 cities. 

According to the related information of Environmental Protection Department of Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center: to solve the e-waste pollution problems, the country has approved 109 formal dismantling plant, recycled more than 7000 million units appliance in 2014, standardized treatment effect is very obvious. However, there is a lot of dismantling the plant can not serve directly contacted the users, only through individual recyclers and other intermediate channel procurement, the general individual is also lack of appropriate channels to process e-waste generated. And Baidu paid attention to the world's second largest producer of e-waste volume market.

Finally, in September in 2015, Ban Ki-moon released environmentally friendly solutions together with Baidu Li Bin, "Baidu Recycle Bin" Direct number was Awarded United Nations' global target solution. "

"Baidu Trash" can be regarded as a national entrepreneurship "regular." According to relevant regulations MEP, Baidu can recycle televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, fans, phones, iPad and other 8 kinds of e-waste category, and delivered the recovered appliances to the formal dismantling plant, to achieve e-waste recycling and secondary use.

Alibaba bulit "free fish", is worth of $ 3 billion, has billions of users and 50000 fishponds. 

Different from Baidu routes, Ali is taking the "capital " route. Coincidentally, also in November, Ali's hand barter platform - "free fish" is transferred independently. The "free fish" preparation time and Baidu Recycle time is also very Coincident, the same in June 2014. Spin-off showed specific news, Taobao's monopoly application used "free fish" independent split, will set up a special division to operate independently, the pattern is tantamount to "rookie Division" and the introduction of external investment. And this news came out, there are many domestic and foreign venture funds went to Ali headquarters to discuss investment issues.

"Free Fish" was formerly used Taobao mobile client, set up in October 2012, June 29, 2014 officially changed its name to "free fish" and back on line. Compared with Baidu, "free fish" opened its business from online business to the next line. Public information showed, "free fish" has been carried out under market line in Wuhan, Kunming, Hangzhou and other places.

free fish

With "big kill" micro-letters, Tencent incorporated a public verticals "agents." "Walk around" is the second cooperation between Tencent and 58. 58 fair internal data show that China has more than 5 million users transfer idle goods per day in 58 second-hand platform.

"Walk around" showed, the most important thing is the deep cooperation with the micro-channel. Users can achieve the micro-channel pay after inspection. Enhanced the authenticity of the transaction and promoted the C2C secondary user and multiple transactions.


Internet giant join in the recycling industry will bring substantial change to reverse the market structure. But waste recycling is a strong regional areas especially recycling polystyrene packaging machine, do the national scale is basically difficult, do regional leader is feasible.

As for the business model, is following the traditional industries of information asymmetry capital, the biggest impact of the Internet is the information opaque, is the user information reselling earn opaque, do big, made the cause, it must get rid of information opacity, therefore reselling only limited to temporary or limited to one place, in the future there will be on the rise of the enterprise information transparency fuss. "