American Plastic Film Recycling Rate Struggles to Grow

A recent statistic about North-America after-consumption plastic bag and plastic film recycling indicates that recycling rate on the whole gains a subtle increase, but domestic consumers’ demand for this kind of material decreased dramatically.

This study is conducted by Moore Recycling Association authorized by American Chemical Commission (ACC), they mainly investigate plastic bag and film recycling rate in 2012. In 2012,about 1.02 billion pound of this plastic was recycled, increased 1 percent than 2011.
This data show that American and Canadian plastic bag and plastic film recycling rate has entered a growth retard period. By comparison, recycling rate in 2009 and 2010 is as high as 13.5 percent.
It is specially pointed out in the study that clean commercial film (including unpolluted transparent PE film, extendable package and plastic bag ) recycling amount declined to some degree. It is this important factor that directly results in growth decline because clean commercial film recycling occupies 46 percent of the entire recycling portion. There is no other material who takes more than 18 percent ratio.

In the report, there are 18 thousand street recycling places for film and plastic bag recycling all over America. This report supports the construction of recycling facility and believes that this is the most high-efficient way, after all. Large stores have already take advantage of recycling their returned plastic film products.
The report reveals another important indicator: where is the recycled plastic film. America and Canada exporters have increased their retail purchase since 2008, at the same time, export amount is gradually reduce. But this situation changed in 2012. Recycled material such as recycled EPS or recycled PET bottles processed in domestic companies decreased 16 percent while import sharply increased 41 percent.