American Largest PET Recycling Plant Carbonlite

A few years ago, waste plastic bottles in the United States are being shipped to China. In 2011, the United States sold two million tons of waste plastic bottles to China. Now, the US is more to domestic digestion process, there are several specialized recycling plastic bottle factories. Which is located in California, it is America's largest bottle-to-bottle recycling company CarbonLite .

In 2012, CarbonLite used the bottle to bottle recycling Closed-loop production lines, the factory covers 220,000 square feet, the annual recovery is two billion plastic bottles.

Take a look at the Carbonlite company's CEO Leon Farahnik is how to treat the plastic recycling.

Leon Farahnik noted: Plastic is everywhere, in the car, room, present in every of your life. global use of PET is 100 billion pounds per year, about 70 billion pounds of PET are used for carpets and clothing, 30 billion pounds of PET are used for packaging materials. Thankfully, waste PET plastic can be recycled again and again, and in terms of energy and water are relatively small when recycling PET bottles made out of things. Due to the recent oil prices continue to decline, resulting in a higher costs of recovered PET bottles than new PET material new bottle.

Now we have a very high material costs, but more and more companies try to make these new products from recycled materials. For example, Wal-Mart set a target in 2014, 2020 3 billion tons of Wal-Mart's products are made from recycled material.

Since the higher cost of the product made of recycled materials, but why are more and more companies still using recycled material?

The reason is that in the current environment, there are more than 8 million tons of waste plastics into the ocean per year, some can not be salvaged and been floating in the ocean, bring great harm to marine life. Therefore these companies faced with accusations and enormous pressure of public opinion.

Farahnik think big beverage companies lobbied hard against the recovering legislation in the United States, these companies are restricting the development of the recycling industry. In the US, there are 10 states, including California, Maine, New York, environmental protection law in each state is different. Consumers still pay for the waste plastic bottle recycling. In California, if received a bottle deposit, recoveries rate of bottles is between 65% -70%, but the recovery rate of the non-deposit bottles is less than 5%.

Farahnik's son Jasson CarbonLite who is 22-year-old is the project manager, he pointed out that plastic bottles shipped to the recycling factory, directly are sent on the conveyor belt, bottles and other garbage separated, then the bottle was sent to the optical sorting machine, can distinguish transparent plastic and green plastic, then were transporting the bottle system according to color, then the bottle is heated, cap and label will shed and be separated.

Jason said: These bottles are ground into cornflakes size, cleaned, then dried, and then heated to remove impurities. Plastic bottle recycling bottles tablets may be sold to recycling factories or sold to China or further afield, and polyester fibers are used to make carpets (teddy bear filler). Recycled waste plastics to manufacture new bottles, this process is more complicated. First, these plastic bottles slice must comply with food-grade standards. This means that these plastic bottles sheet extrusion needs to be dissolved into a liquid plastic, made from rice flakes size. These vials piece of plastic bottles are sell as raw material manufacturers.

These plastic bottle chip are sold from CarbonLite company to beverage companies, they need to re-melted and poured into molds in precast, through stretching and blowing into the plastic beverage bottles, and then they can enter the market up.

Only a few companies fully accept recycled plastic, CarbonLite company's big customers Naked Juice Company, PepsiCo and Nestle, in which Nestle started using 100% recycled plastic bottles this year.

Pepsi Co bought the half of the American regeneration beverage bottles, including water of Aquafina brand, 10% of Pepsi Co beverage bottles are made from recycled plastic. Interestingly, Pepsi Co did not flaunt things recycled plastic bottles in its sales publicity. One reason is that Pepsi Co did not confirm the number of drinks per bottle proportion accounted for recycling bottles, in addition they think customers are not too concerned about that.

Tim Carey, senior director of Pepsi Co for Sustainable Development pointed out that whether it is recycled beverage bottles made of the material does not affect the consumer's purchasing direction, if there are more recycling beverage bottles into the market in the United States, then Pepsi Co will buy more regeneration drink bottles, because the current market is still in short supply. In other words, there is not enough waste bottles were included in the recycling system.

Carey said there are deposits of recovery beverage bottles is much higher than no deposit bottles. However, for the present situation, recycling of Pepsi Co beverage bottles still face a very big challenge.