Alternative Methods of Waste Plastic Recycling

Now more and more plastic recycling, such as: sports drink bottles can be recycled to generate the packaging box, orange juice bottles can be recycled to generate a shampoo bottle, and shampoo bottles can be re generated, as sunscreen can be used to generate a cleaner bottle, milk bottles can then generate a car bumper, a supermarket shopping bags can be recycled into the backyard, or re generation of plastic bags, plastic products can be recycled, but these are only just beginning.

Some organizations in California are now recycling styrofoam meltor, which can then generate frames or household products. Great, isn't it?

Polystyrene foam recycling machine is a fairly simple process. First of all, waste styrofoam first from the family, shops and companies gathered to carry to the factory, the factory after sorting through the crushing, washing, granulation. After packaged for sale to the company to produce new products such as bumper, carpets, railway sleepers, backpacks, cashmere jacket, ground playground and new packaging products and so on and so forth.

So the question is, the non - recyclable plastic? Can they escape the fate of being thrown into the garbage dump?

Of course

In fact, the method of recycling waste plastics is growing, the time when the machine is ripe, recycling work began.

Sometimes when something is too dirty or because of pollution and can't be recycled, it may be collected for power generation. In USA, these non renewable plastic a year can supply about 14000000 of household electricity. This is true! 14000000 families!

At present only 11% of the plastic is being re - recycled, but 34% of the waste plastics are thrown into the garbage dump. But there is such a technology that can be used to re - use the waste plastics, converted into electrical energy or other valuable energy.

One of the technology is called to Oil Plastics, which can be used to transform plastics into oil, and other vehicles used in automobiles. In the United States, if all non renewable plastics and mixed solid waste can be used to transform, that would be able to have enough oil to supply 9000000 of the amount of oil a year.

Another technology called fuel engineered, which is about to be converted into solid fuel in other ways.
In addition to liquid fuels and solid fuels, the non recyclable plastics can also be converted into gaseous fuel, which is called gasification technology (gasification). The use of gaseous fuels is very wide, it can generate electricity, liquid fuels, or raw materials for manufacturing plants.

To Oil Engineered, Fuel Plastics, Gasification, these three technologies can be recycled into various forms of energy, including oil, natural gas, electricity and liquid and solid fuel.