Accelerate the Introduction of Renewable Resources Recycling Plan

On April 25th, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China spokesman Yao Jian answered a reporter's question about accelerating the construction of renewable resource recycling system issue, he said the next step, the Ministry of Commerce of China will continue to play an active role in waste product recycling system as a member of the inter-ministerial joint conference. They will focus on doing the following aspects:

First, speed up construction regulations and standards system. Improve renewable resource recycling laws and regulations, accelerate the introduction of "renewable resource recycling system, and increase the existed industry-standard implementation, appropriately increase the proportion of mandatory standards; develop renewable resources such as waste PET bottles and waste EPS, recycling directory, lead the development of industry standardization.

Second, do better in important species recycling. In accordance with the principles of category management, for scrap iron and steel, non-ferrous metal scrap and other high-value species, give full play to the role of market mechanisms; For glass, discarded energy-saving lamps and other low value species , it’s difficult for them to fully play their function if rely on market mechanisms ,so we should increase policy support efforts to encourage the community to actively participate in recycling; about waste lead-acid batteries, waste electrical and electronic products, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, cooperate with relevant departments to implement extended producer responsibility system.

Third, try to improve the industry organization level. Motivate the construction of industry organizations to improve public and community services; encourage leading enterprises to increase the scale of renewable resources recycling industry and organizational level in the modern organization, in accordance with the rules of market economy SMEs and self-employed households integration, with the help of modern information technology

Fourth, encourage technological innovation. Suitable conditions to promote the development of renewable resources, with independent intellectual property rights of sorting, processing, handling and utilization of specialized techniques and equipment; increase enterprise information construction, study the establishment of industry management information systems.

Yao said that in recent years, the Commerce Department plays a guiding role in the government market, launched a renewable resource recycling system pilot, there are three batches of 90 cities included in the pilot.

According to the report, at the end of 2013, the whole society renewable resource recycling enterprises reached more than 10 million; more than 80% are SMEs. According to preliminary statistics, in 2013, scrap steel, scrap plastic, scrap metals, waste paper, waste tires, scrap vehicles, waste electrical and electronic product recycled seven species close to 1.6 million tons, an increase of three times more than in 2000; recycling gross nearly 600 billion yuan, an increase of 12 times compared with 2000.