2016 Asia Pacific Hand Isolation Goods Trade

2016 Asia Pacific hand isolation door goods trade, which sponsored by the CBI Shanghai Business Development Co., Ltd., China Hospital Association Hospital Infection Management Committee, latex branch of China Rubber Industry Association, Shanghai Medical Instrument Industry Association guidance, Intco medical, was held on July 20 to 21 in Beijing Hilton Hotel, China.

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The theme of trade is "health - industrial door", there are more than 300 equipment suppliers gathered here included disposable latex, NBR, PVC gloves manufacturers and labor insurance gloves manufacturer, raw materials and related machinery. Terminal and professional gloves dealers from agents each big hospital, the Provincial Health Bureau, electronics factory Purchasing Department came to visit. In this trade fair, discussed on policy changes, market analysis, technical innovation and other topics, it can be described as domestic and foreign gloves industry professional, brand, diversification, high standard exchange platform.

Goods Trade

On July 20, INTCO medical hold "INTCO Hall of fame topic", the chairman of Shandong INTCO recycling supplies Co., Ltd., Mr. Fank Liu accepted the interview of Chinese Journal of nursing management and the labor people magazine. At the meeting site, INTCO medical supply chain department colleagues communicated face to face with the suppliers for the procurement of raw materials. Domestic and foreign gloves industry leaders together to participate in the inaugural meeting of the gloves Symposium and posed for pictures.

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On July 21, in the "industry development forum", delegates Masonic hall to listen to experts and scholars speak, both of which experts and government departments on the requirements and interpretation of laws and regulations related to medical devices and surgical gloves and glove industry expert advisor is nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves Market Situation and future development trend of specialized analysis and atmosphere of the meeting is very warm. In the "Intco welcome cocktail", new and old friends in glove industry together happily talked the development of the industry, achieved mutual communication and understanding of the intended purpose in the relaxed atmosphere.

INTCO chairman

Asia Pacific hand isolation protective equipment trade fair as Chinese largest and Asia second professional gloves platform for the gloves industry to provide a common development and progress for the various enterprises. Through this meeting, INTCO medical sales, purchasing and technical personnel with their peers communicated and discussed protective gloves product characteristics and the market and the future development trend. They have full confidence to the protective gloves products and the future development. We believe that INTCO medical new production line put into production, will better meet the demand for cater market, Intco medical also will become the leading enterprises in protective gloves industry.We also hope that, as another brand of INTCO, GREENMAX styrofom recycling machine will has great development.

Now let us look at INTCO medical moments of the meeting!