Recycling EPP(Expanded Polypropylene) Hot Melting Machines/Densifier

What is EPP?

EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is a foam form of polypropylene. Polypropylene (PP), also known as polypropene, is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications including packaging, labeling, stationery, laboratory equipment, automotive components, etc. 


EPP in the future:

As is known, the household appliances are sold very well as there are so many people in China. We know almost every family will buy household appliances and they will change a new after several years. So you can find the large market in China. Meanwhile, the EPP is packaging material for household appliances. So EPP are widely used and large scale used every day. In the past, the EPP material’s recycling condition is bad but now the condition is changed and useful machines can handle EPP packaging material.


Handling tools for EPP packaging:

EPP material is difficult to recycle due to the huge volume and light weight. Also, EPP has a tougher structure than EPS and therefore necessary to mount a more useful machine. In order to effectively recycle this material, INTCO developed a melting densifier – GreenMax Mars Series.

Mars C100

Introduction to MARS Series Machines:

MARS Series Hot Melt Equipment are specialized in the polystyrene foam handling. Different from the other series machines, and this series of machines can melt the polystyrene foam material. And the melted polystyrene foam, such as EPP, can be made into dense blocks.


MAR Series operation process:

Mars Densifier is a hot melting densifying machine with the process crushing, melting, extruding. Under these processes, the loose EPP will be changed into ingots with the reduction ratio 90:1, which can greatly facilitates the transportation and recycling action.

eps melting recycling

Benefits of the use of MAR Series Machines:

Lower cost in labor and transportation;

Need less store space;

Increase surplus income from the melted EPP.


Features of MAR Series Machines:

They are available in different sizes and shapes, depending on the material and the feeding process. In addition, we can design and produce machines partly according to the customers’ demands.

Successful Cases:

The MARS Series machines have been sold all over the world, and we have also offered good after-sale services to the machine buyer. The following is our machines operation pictures controlled by the buyer.


So you can see our machines and the operation process. In the picture you can see little operation process, so you can watch the operation video on the right.


MARS Series



Throughput 200kg/h
EPS Compression Ratio: 90:1
Compressed EPS Density: 600-800kg/m3
Motor Power: 37.5kw




Throughput 100kg/h
EPS Compression Ratio: 90:1
Compressed EPS Density: 600-800kg/m3
Motor Power: 22.9kw




Throughput 50kg/h
EPS Compression Ratio: 90:1
Compressed EPS Density: 600-800kg/m3
Motor Power: 7.5kw