The Beverage Bottles Squeezer of GREENMAX Can Efficiently Recycle Beverage Bottles

As is known to us, Coke is one of the most popular beverages in the world, which is usually packaged in PET or aluminum cans. As the data shows, Coca-Cola sold 600 billion bottles in 2018 alone. Compared with the joy of drinking coke, it is the pain of dealing with those PET packaging.

PepsiCo Thailand, is a medium or small size for beverage plant, which generate around 4320 bottles and 1440 aluminum cans every day. In this case, they had to hire 30 people to handle the PET bottles manually for 8 hours a day. The way they deal with it is to open the bottle, pour the residual drink into the sewer, flatten the bottle and throw it into the bag, which only saves a small space and generates a lot of labor costs. Faced with the factory that has become extremely dirty because of this treatment method, PepsiCo Thailand finally chose to cooperate with GREENMAX, which is famous in the field of PET recycling, and purchased beverage bottles squeezer.

GREENMAX beverage bottles squeezerr is specially designed to dispose of PET bottles, yogurt cups, aluminum cans and so on. The recycling process of GREENMAX beverage bottles squeezer is different from the traditional recycling method of beverage bottles, which provides a complete treatment process for these beverage bottles. With the help of it, all you need to do is pulse-on the machine and then throw the PET bottles into the hopper. It can do all the rest steps automatically. The liquids are squeezed out while the bottles are compacted with the ratio of 1 / 8.

The highlight of GREENMAX beverage bottles squeezer is not only to reduce the volume of PET bottles, but also to those drinks collected in containers after being extruded, they will be treated and then excluded. It will not make the factory dirty, nor will it destroy the ecological environment because of the discharge of waste water. It genuinely achieves a win-win situation of cost saving and environmental protection. If you have a headache of PET bottles you can't dispose of, welcome to cooperate with GREENMAX, which never stop advancing in PET recycling.