EPS Can be Recycled by a Polystyrene Compactor Instead of Ending Up in Landfills


Located in Southeast Michigan, Foam Factory claimed that they can help people use expanded polystyrene (EPS) for nearly any idea you can dream up.


With computer-controlled hot-wire cutting machine, Foam Factory will be able to produce covers from their three EPS foam densities in any shape, size or design. What’s more, Foam Factory not only produce EPS insulation, but also can produce polystyrene furniture and bathtub as they can change shapes of polystyrene materials by advanced technology.


We are usually amazed at the convenience that brought by new discoveries, but always ignore the issues brought by new technology. The process of making polystyrene and bathtub retains large amounts of polystyrene scraps.


Waste polystyrene is harmful to environment without disposing correctly that has become a nightmare to people. However, the condition will be changed if people change their minds. Though polystyrene is waterproof and non-degradable, it can be recycled by a polystyrene compactor.


It’s mainly applicable for polystyrene foam, but also can dispose expanded polypropylene. Screw compression machine GREENMAX is able to compact EPS in any humidity environment without heating. It has already helped a lot of companies solve the trouble of disposing EPS. For example, GREENMAX A-C200 helped McArthur Furniture, a well-known chain furniture store in Canada, recycled EPS waste successfully. And it helped McArthur Furniture to save more than $2000 per month for landfills. What’s more, manger in McArthur showed that they were willing to help local residents recycle polystyrene at any time.


In a word, there has been a tendency to recycle polystyrene by EPS screw compactor with advanced equipment, rather than ending them up in landfills or throwing them to ocean.