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Intco Won The Strategic Partnership Award2015-12-18

The data show that the production process of foam recycling machine are more and more mature in the world, and with the help of an adequate supply of

Shanghai Intco Industry Tries To Protect The Forests2015-12-11

Shandong Intco recycling Inc reuses and recycles waste PS (polystyrene) white foam and other plastic packaging materials, processing them into frames,

INTCO Won 2015 Partnership Award IN MCKESSON'S NIGHT2015-11-23

On November 18th, INTCO Medical participated 2015 annual supplier meeting which sponsored by Mckesson and INTCO won the most important award-2015 Part

Chinese Waste Plastics Association Sponsored China Plastics Recycling Exhibition in Tianjin2015-11-20

On November 11 - 12,2015, Chinese Association of waste plastics sponsored the fourteenth session of the China plastics recycling and regeneration of t

Recycled Plastics Can be Transformed Into 3D Printed Wire2015-11-03

Last year, Better Future Factory (BFF) began to focus on community recycling plastics, and it can be transformed into a 3D printed wire, the goal is t

Intco Medical Invite You to Join in CMEF Exhibition in Wuhan2015-10-19

CMEF, founded in 1979, as Asia Pacific area industry integrated service platform that covered medical devices industry chain, contained product techno

The United States is the Largest Consumer of EPS in the World2015-10-09

EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material,Each cubic meter volume contains 300-600 million independent sealed air bubble, containing air volume is

Demand For Plastic Foam Packaging is Growing2015-09-21

In recent years, demand for foam packaging is growing, according to Freedonia group (Freedonia group) published the latest report, the need of the foa

Alternative Methods of Waste Plastic Recycling2015-09-08

At present only 11% of the plastic is being re - recycled, but 34% of the waste plastics are thrown into the garbage dump. But there is such a technol

Several Kinds of Waste PE foam and PE Film Recycling2015-08-27

To ensure the air quality of a military parade on September 3, seven provinces and cities, including Beijing, Hebei and unified implementation of temp

INTCO Have Organized an Activity to Visit Shengsi Island in Zhejiang Province2015-07-28

Richi Lake Beach and South Beach long coat, each over 2,000 meters, is China’ Yangtze River Delta region’s premier beach; Shengshan “ Lovers Rock” Yan

Young Lady Take Part in Greenmax Machine Operation Test Activity2015-07-16

Greenmax machines are in great need recently as new series and functional machines are produced. But machine test is very important before being trans

Greenmax Machines for Waste Styrofoam Recycling2015-07-10

Styrofoam have pollution on the environment if not recycled on time. Now Greenmax Styrofoam compactor could solve Styrofoam pollution problem. The sca

Successful Test of XPS Foam in Greenmax Factory2015-06-30

Recently, Greenmax factory are busy testing XPS foam recycling machine. And waste XPS foam melting densifier have been tested and operate very well.

Greenmax Salesman Have Visited American Customers Recently2015-06-26

Recently, our salesman have gone to the United States. They will stay in our company’s office in the U.S, and they have enough time and a lot chances

Greenmax Try to Seek High-qualified Machine Components and Parts2015-06-19

As is known, it is very important for machine production to purchase high-qualified components and parts. Meanwhile, excellent machine manufacturers a

Japanese Visitors Come to INTCO Recycling Company to Have a Research2015-06-12

As one of the world’s biggest waste EPS foam buyer, people all over the world will come to our factory regularly. Today, we have welcomed a group of v

Polyethylene Foam Use and Related Foam Recycling Machines2015-05-28

Common plastics include polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, PVC, foamed polystyrene, or Styro foam and Lucite. Polyethylene foam could be used as ther

INTOC Celebrate the Finished CHINAPLAS of 20152015-05-25

China International Rubber & Plastic Fair this year is the 29th that organized. This year the organizers set three major theme of the exhibition: X in

INTCO Recycling Won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award2015-05-19

On May 18th, 2015, the 2014 Annual Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Conference has been held in Shanghai Exhibition Center Friendship Hall. Mr.

INTCO Participate in ChinaReplas before the Beginning of Chinaplas2015-05-18

INTCO recycling have arrived at Guangzhou to participate in Chinaplas. But before the beginning of Chinaplas, INTCO recycling today have participated

INTCO have Designed the Exhibition Hall for CHINAPLA 20152015-05-11

CHINAPLAS will be held in May 20-23, 2015. And a lot of world famous companies will also participate in the exhibition.

2015 SPG Have Finished and INTCO Have Many Harvest2015-04-27

2015 SPG held in Belgium have been over, and INTCO as a participant have many harvest. In fact, the exhibition have much relationship with plastic foa

INTCO Visit Different Places to Make Market Research Before 2015 SPG2015-04-21

We know that the 2015 SPG is coming and a lot of seafood related industry will come to the exhibition. Our company have already made a good preparatio

Greenmax Foam Crusher and Beads Crusher for Waste Plastic Foam2015-04-16

In the past, Greenmax recycling machines have been produced for different types of materials, such as EPS foam, EPE foam, PSP foam and so on. And Gree

INTCO have Organized a Spring Outing Last Sunday2015-04-13

China have four seasons all the year round and the spring is special for Chinese people. As is known, spring is warm and trees and flowers will sprout

Introduction of SPG Exhibition and Seafood Recycling 2015-04-07

Belgium SEAFOOD EXPO GLOBAL & SEAFOOD PROCESSING GLOBAL is the world’s largest aquatic show, and there has great indicative market opportunities.

New Greenmax Machines have been Produced for Waste Polystyrene Foam Recycling2015-03-30

As is known, polystyrene foam have pollution, meanwhile, it also could be made into other products after processing. We know that distributors must se

INTCO Have Participated in the NPE Exhibition2015-03-23

NPE is beginning today. Our company have participated in the exhibition today. So many famous companies have participated in the exhibition.

Salesman of Greenmax Machines have Made a Good Preparation for NPE2015-03-17

Now the famous exhibition is on the corner, so some preparations have also been made. Our company attach great importance to this exhibition and we ho

Greenmax Machines Manager Visit Some Factories to Accumulate Experiences2015-03-12

A continuous learning is very import for the development of a company. As is known, some electric products design and technology are developed without

INTCO Have Made Some Lanterns to Celebrate Lantern Festival2015-03-06

Lantern Festival has passed yesterday. Now the below is Lantern Festival introduction.
Lunar New Year Lantern Festival, also known as “Spring Festiva

Visiting Different Places to Purchase High Quality Fitting for Greenmax Machines2015-03-02

Brand is the soul of products, which have a great influence on products sale. So our company have a strict with the machine parts purchase. Meanwhile,

Wonderful Curtain Call to Perfect INTCO of 2014 Annual Meeting2015-02-10

On February 8, 2015 in the afternoon, the group annual meeting held in order to have a good summary for the whole 2014 before the arriving of Spring F

Meeting Perfect INTCO in 20152015-02-04

A New Year means a fresh start to everyone. People can have a review of what he has done in the past year and see what he should do in the next year,

Sci-tech Achievements of INTCO Recycling Reach International Advanced Level2015-01-30

On January 14th, 2015, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China organized an appraisal meeting, appraising th

INTCO Framing Will Take Part in the 27th China Wedding Expo2015-01-19

INTCO Framing GREENWOOD is specialized in artistic framing manufacturing and selling. Wedding framing is one important part of our business. Therefore

Review of GreenMax in 20142015-01-06

The New Year of 2015 has come and we bade farewell to the old year of 2014. How time flies! To have a fresh start in the New Year, it’s necessary for

INTCO Sponsored the Concert for New Year in Linzi2015-01-04

Shandong INTCO Recycling has deep affections to Shandong. By sponsoring a concert in Linzi on the night of December 30th, 2014, INTCO wanted to presen