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INTCO Industries’ Happy Memory of Christmas Eve2014-12-29

Christmas of 2014 has recently passed and staff of INTCO are still in a happy mood because the memory of Christmas Eve is so good and the New Year’s D

INTCO Sponsored the 2014 National Taekwondo Elite Match2014-12-23

INTCO as a quick developing company, is always enthusiastic in social activities and supports the Chinese Sports Career with practical actions. Three

INTCO Recycling—We Smile, and We Want to Make You Smile2014-12-19

Smiling service is not a mask of facial expression, but a pleased and pleasing emotion deep down from our heart. We genuinely wish that we can provide

Shanghai INTCO’s 20 Km Trail-walk in This Winter2014-12-16

Last Saturday, staff of INTCO Industries Co., Ltd in Shanghai had a trail walk, with the trip length of 20 km, from San Jia Bay to Zhangjiang Hi-tech

PS Products of INTCO Recycling Are Waiting for You with Special Discount2014-12-09

As the end of the year is coming, we are in a warm atmosphere of festival and celebration. INTCO Recycling as an environmentalist in the waste plastic

INTCO Recycling’s New Showroom and Local Offices2014-12-04

INTCO Recycling has built a totally new showroom, displaying various kinds of PS construction moldings and artistic framings. Apart from that, the loc

INTCO Medical Won the Top Award in Mckesson’s Night2014-12-02

Recently in November, INTCO recycling’s Brother Company INTCO Medical has participated in the 2014 Annual Supplier Meeting sponsored by Mckesson, in w

EPRO Delegation’s Visit to INTCO RECYCLING2014-11-18

During November 10th to 14th, EPRO has a trip to China. During these days’ trip, they have visited several Chinese plastic recycling enterprises, whil

INTCO Recycling—the Leader of Renewable Resource Utilization2014-11-11

INTCO Recycling’s EPS recycling industrial train has become to be known by more and more people. From the supply of GreenMax EPS recycling machines, t

INTCO Medical Introduces Ebola Protection Products at CANTON Fair2014-11-03

INTCO Medical is busy at the CANTON Fair at home, while in the meantime, GreenMax of INTCO Recycling has engaged in the preparations of PACK EXPO in C

INTCO Medical—Fight Ebola We Together2014-10-31

News of INTCO—INTCO Recycling’s brother company INTCO Medical is now making great efforts to fight against Ebola for people’s safety and health. Green

INTCO Framing Is Warmly Welcomed at Canton Fair2014-10-28

Recently, INTCO Framing is engaged in the famous Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, China. We get more people cooperating with us. And the success of INTC

INTCO Framing Is Growing Rapidly at the Annual Growth Rate of 200%2014-10-23

INTCO Framing—the environmental framing business of INTCO Recycling is now having a surprising development tendency, and growing rapidly at the annual

INTCO Recycling in Germany Photo Kina 20142014-10-22

GreenMax as the machinery brand of INTCO Recycling, feels proud of our whole EPS recycling business, especially the output products of decorative mold

Chinese Ambassador to Mexico Visit INTCO Recycling at Expo CIHAC2014-10-17

INTCO Recycling feels proud of having such a good opportunity to attend the Expo CIHAC in Mexico. Ms. Shao, the Economic Counsellor of Chinese Ambassa

China Chemical Industry News Reported the News about INTCO Recycling2014-10-11

Ms. Zhao Jiarong, the Executive President of China Cyclic Economy Association came to visit INTCO Recycling’s stand at the Third China International C

INTCO Recycling Has Been Broadcasted by Shandong Zibo TV2014-10-10

Several days ago during the National Holiday, Shandong Zibo TV broadcasted the story about INTCO Recycling. Zibo News showed the factory scenes and fr

INTCO Recycling’s Exhibition Plan in the Next Half Year of 20142014-09-25

INTOC Recycling is active in participating in professional exhibitions of environmental protection, recycling and other related fields. In the next ha

INTCO Medical Will Attend the 23rd REHACARE2014-09-23

INTCO Medical will attend the 23rd REHACARE held in Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre in Germany, during September 24th to 27th, 2014. INTCO as an Internat

INTCO Recycling Participated in the CAFEXPO 20142014-09-22

INTCO as a large and famous manufacturer and trader of environmental friendly picture frames, took part in CAFEXPO and attracted more attentions from

INTCO Sponsored the Chinese U22 Warm up Football Match against Iran2014-09-18

INTCO as a large International group, pays much attention to the big events at home and abroad. This time, INTCO sponsored the Warm up Football Match

Basic Medical of INTCO Donates Medical Gloves to Areas Affected by Ebola2014-08-28

Considering the serious epidemic situation caused by Ebola and starting from the concept of healthcare, Basic Medical Industries Inc. donates medical

Intco Recycling—A Big Family Full of Love2014-08-27

Intco, specialized in EPS recycling, is a big family full of love and cares about not only the staff working for it, but also people all around the wo

Intco Turns EPS Recycling into a $150 Million Business2014-07-18

Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:14 AM Beijing Time

Plastic News Interviewed INTCO Recycling Company2014-07-04

On July 1st, American Plastic News interviewed our manager Lucy.

Intco Donated 500 Wheelchairs to Yushu Earthquake Area2014-06-18

In 2010, Yushu in Qinghai province suffered a terrible earthquake, which brought tremendous damages to this area.


Expandable Polyethylene, EPE for short, is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) compressed mainly from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) material.


Extruded Polystyrene Styrofoam, XPS for short, is a foamed material extruded by special processing.


Expanded polystyrene, EPS for short, is a mixture compounded by resin, foamer and other additives.

INTCO President2014-06-16

Mr. Liu Fangyi, whose English name is Frank, is the president of INTCO International Company.

INTCO CEO Was Invited to Fortune Time2014-06-16

Fortune Time is a very famous and popular TV program in China. This program mainly focuses on hot issues in finance and economy filed, and invites the

Shanghai Intco Company Innovative Technology2014-06-16

Shanghai intco is a leading company in PS recycling technology in its industry. Having overcome one after another technology difficulties, intco has

INTCO is on Shandong NEWS Broadcast2014-06-13

Emergence of GREENMAX2014-06-13

White pollution has long being a serious problem, in China especially these days when our economy develops rapidly

Information on INTCO and Its Product GREENMAX2014-06-13

INTCO Enterprise Culture2014-06-13

INTCO Enterprise Culture