The Import Price of PS Plastic in Russia Is Rising

It is reported that due to the devaluation of the ruble, the price of imported PS plastic material in Russia is rising.

Since the imported PS plastic has come into the Russian Market, its price is increasing continuously almost every week. Although the prices of the foreign exchange market remain stable, Russian importers need to pay more money to buy PS from the foreign market.

devaluation of ruble

According to the ICIS-MRC price report, Moscow’s quote of HIPS produced by LG Chemical maintains between 106,000 and 108,000 rubles per ton, including VAT. And the HIPS produced by Polimeri Europa is of the similar price.

The demand for EPS/Expanded polystyrene in the Russian market is quite urgent. The EPS produced by Loyal—an Asian producer in Taiwan is sold at 92,000 to 95,500 rubles per ton CPT Moscow, VAT included.

Moscow of Russia

In the present situation of a continue rising in the foreign exchange, the cost of raw material is becoming more and more expensive, so some traders have to raise the low price up to 95,000 rubles per ton CPT Moscow.

The foreign exchange rate rises to 41.81 rubles equals 1 USD. The price of imported PS plastic material will have a further increase according to the preliminary observation.

ruble performance in 2014

devaluation of ruble in 2014

This piece of news shows the tight connection among International traders in this global market and how the fluctuation of oil price influences the large range of plastic materials’ price and marketing situation.
Russia can be said the country that lose most in the recent rapid reduction of oil price. It earns less money from exportation of oil but has to pay more money when buying PS materials from other countries.

PS material

Now that we know there is a close relation between the plastic industry and the oil industry, no matter as traders or consumers, we should pay more attention to it in this special period. As we are specialized in the EPS recycling industry, we care more about the PS plastic’s price and that of the waste EPS accordingly. GreenMax of INTCO Recycling, as the EPS recycling machinery specialist, provides you a complete waste EPS recycling solution to help you deal with the piled up waste EPS.