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American Largest PET Recycling Plant Carbonlite2015-12-25

A few years ago, waste plastic bottles in the United States are being shipped to China. In 2011, the United States sold two million tons of waste plas

Shenzhen Landslides Led To Large Houses Collapsed2015-12-21

On December 20th, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, near Guangming New District Liu Xi industrial park, occurred mountain landslides accident, the ga

New Method To Process Waste Plastics2015-12-14

With the increasing consumption of plastic products, waste plastics are also increasing. At present, Chinese waste plastic film, plastic film, foam, s

Waste Plastic Dating 2016 Rio Olympic Games2015-11-27

Smith Peter, comes from Holland, is very disgusted with the waste and waste plastic bottles pollution.

Coca Cola's Largest Recycling Plant Was Built In The United States2015-11-13

As a leader in the global beverage industry, Coca-Cola is not only aware of its own development and sustainable development of the world is closely re

Shanghai International Green Building And Energy Conservation Exhibition Showed Recycling Concept2015-11-06

Shanghai international green building and energy conservation Exhibition (GBC2015) is Chinese advanced construction technology expo. And sponsored by

Some Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Life2015-10-23

How to reduce plastic waste in your life, do not know where to start, the following moves, will introduce the details of life to start to reduce plast

The Mechanical Process For Recycling Waste Polystyrene Foam2015-10-13

Deaeration polystyrene foam pellets usually are recycled by mechanical recycling method. At first, waste polystyrene foam blocks are heated to shrink

Making Profit in Recycling Industry in America2015-09-25

Recently,Some recent papers have claimed that the recycling industry is in a difficult situation.And in the United States, it continues to drive the l

Four Kinds of PET Recycling Technology2015-09-18

At present,the environmental protection consciousness enjoys popular support, the recycling and utilization of renewable resources is an important cho

Waste Plastic Foam Make Wood Moluding Meeting was Held2015-09-07

"Wasted foam increase density, regeneration, making wood wire technology and equipment including waste foam add secret technology,

How to Earn Money in Studying White Foam2015-09-02

White foam waste, refers to the use of fast food boxes and various household appliances, commodity packaging, etc.

Recycling Recovered Particles with Melting and Regeneration2015-08-17

Conventional recovery process use double-stage single-screw extrusion granulation equipment in series production PS renewable particles can generally

Current Waste Polystyrene Foam Recycling Method2015-08-10

The incineration of waste recovery is that placing polystyrene plastic in a special incinerator burning heat recovery to replace part of the fuel, whi

Complete Description of Plastic Foam From Synthesis to Application2015-08-03

Foam is a type of polymer material dispersed by the large amounts of gas micropores formed solid plastic with light, heat insulation, sound absorption

Vietnam Imports of Polyethylene are Likely to Increase Nearly Two Percent2015-07-31

According to Platts in July 24 that Ho Chi Minh City reported, Vietnam Plastics Association trade promotion and investment information head said last

Urgent to Recycle Waste Polystyrene foam or Styrofoam2015-07-24

PS (Polystyrene, abbreviation PS) is defined by the styrene monomer by free radical polymerization of synthetic polymers. It is a colorless, transpare

Illegal to Throw PET and HDPE Containers into the Trash in Vermont and HDPE2015-07-07

Vermont residents of the United States from July 1 would violate the law if they throw PET and HDPE containers into the trash.

Britain is Considering to Recycle 57% of Waste Plastics with Three-year Extension2015-07-02

British plastics industry launched a program called “Plastic Industry Action Programme”, which calls for national efforts to complete the government e

Examination Revealed Flammable and Combustible Board Room in China2015-06-24

Several years ago, the color plate polystyrene was popular in China with its light weight, anti-aging, low cost of installation and many other advanta

Can Waste Polyethylene Foam be Recycled Now2015-06-16

Recently, Greenmax machines have a breakthrough in technology as new series of PE foam recycling machines have been produced. But the market condition

Chinese Plastic Companies will be Offensive to India Market2015-06-09

Recently, India Plastics Industry Capacity cooperation matchmaking entrepreneurs held in Guangzhou.

PE Stretch Film Material and the Use of Polyethylene Foam2015-06-03

The main raw material of polyethylene stretch film can be divided into three categories, including linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), low densit

Disadvantages of Polyethylene Plastic Foam Insulation Interior2015-05-14

Although we have known much about advantages about polyethylene foam, the disadvantages are also much. China recycled polyethylene industry originated

The European Parliament Introduced a New Bill to Limit the Use of Plastic Bags2015-05-04

News released by BBC English website on April 28, for environmental purposes, the European Parliament adopted a restriction to the use of plastic bags

Hundred Chemical Involved in Environmental Initiatives of Beautiful China2015-04-30

The implementation of new environmental laws have been more than 100 days. In April 10, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, DuPont China Holding C

Plastic Foam Boxes Cup will Disappear from the Local People in the Line of Sight2015-04-28

With a new bill recently signed by the mayor of New York. Foam food lunch boxes and cups will disappear from the sight of the New Yorker in July1 this

Efforts for Waste Recycling and Care about Ocean2015-04-10

Mexican plastics industry is strive to reduce plastic waste into ocean from every beach in the country thorough the project “I care about my ocean”.

Flexible Packaging Business Provides Growth Opportunities for PE2015-04-01

Packaging market continues to provide growth opportunities for Dow’s PE business. This is a good thing and Dow will expand the production capacity of

America Economic Recovery Reflected from Plastic Industry2015-03-27

The optimism condition of US plastic is evident, which can be seen in the latest release of the 2015 report of the US Plastic Processing Industry Manu

MARS Series Machines For EPS Materials Recycling is in Test2015-03-24

Now EPS foam have wide use but EPS foam have pollution on the environment if they are not recycled timely and correctly. EPS foam could be used as ins

INTCO have an Experiment to Test PUR and EPP Foam Recycling Machines2015-03-19

Yesterday, our company have a test to compact waste EPP foam. As is known, EPP foam is widely used in different fields, including packaging, insulatio

EPE and EPP Foam Recycling Machines Test in INTCO Industry2015-03-18

Our Zeus series machines could handle all kinds of waste plastic foams. Today a new zeus series machine have begun to test.

To Develop New High Technology Machine for EPS and PE foam2015-03-11

Recently, there is a fierce topic that APPLE Company have promoted a new product-Apple watches. This products have attracted people’s attentions all o

Food Safety Norms of Plastic Materials Packaging2015-03-02

Bottles for food safety supervision departments are now increasingly stringent, which is mainly due to people’s food safety considerations.

Global Masterbatch Market Condition and Greenmax Recycling Machine2015-02-15

According to market research firm MarketsandMarkets, the global masterbatch market is expected to reach 7.1% and it is expected to rise to $12.1 billi

Chinese Government Will Vigorously Promote Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine2015-01-27

The promotion scale of plastic bottle recycling machines in Beijing is far from enough, so it is necessary to increase the rebating amount and have a

The Plastic Recycling Machines Will Help the Recycled Plastic Industry2015-01-23

As China is advocating environmental protection actively just like many other advanced countries, the recycled plastic industry develops quickly as we

Network for Plastic Film Recycling Has Initially Formed in Gansu2015-01-15

Plastic film mulching is a key measure of dryland agriculture technologies. Plastic film has significant functions of keeping warm and fertilizer, dro

Contributions and Problems of the Recycled Plastic Industry in China2015-01-13

Recently there are negative reports about the Chinese recycled plastic industry, making it unstable and risky. People need to know about this industry

A Brief Introduction of PS Foam Lines2015-01-09

PS foam is the basic and also major material for PS frame lines production. The quality of frame lines depends on the PS foam material. The question i

Germany Has a Good PE Plastic Recycling System2014-12-12

Many countries in Europe do well in resource saving and environmental protection. Germany is a case in point. By establishing a complete PE plastic ba