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The Differences between EPS and XPS2014-12-26

The plastic material of EPS and XPS are both derivatives of PS—Polystyrene. They have similarities and also have differences in some aspects. Both of

EPS Has A New Name—“Airpop” in Europe and Catches More Attention2014-11-24

News about the European EPS industry! EPS material in Europe now has a shining new name—Airpop. David Emes, president of the EPS Group in BPF—British

The Import Price of PS Plastic in Russia Is Rising2014-10-29

Since the imported PS plastic has come into the Russian Market, its price is increasing continuously almost every week. Although the prices of the for

The Price of EPS Is Influenced by the Oil Price Fluctuation2014-10-24

In a short term, the EPS price are predicated to fluctuate in a narrow scope due to the oil price undulation, which has and will continue to have an i

The PE Plastic Price Rises in Europe While the Oil Price Down2014-10-21

The fluctuation of the oil price could always attract the gaze of people. Recently, the International oil price falls continuously, which causes the d

Severe Pollution Urges the Green Business of EPS Recycling2014-10-16

Although EPS recycling has no indirect relations with the air pollution, pollution and environmental protection are always talked together. When each

The Current Situation of Aluminum Cans Recycling and Development2014-10-15

Aluminum cans production and recycling have a promising future. In order to save resources and protect the environment better, we should take the recy

Yogurt Cup Recycling Plays an Important Role in Plastic Recycling2014-10-14

Yogurt is good for health so there is a large consumption amount of Yogurt every day, which correspondingly brings huge volumes of yogurt cups. Theref

The Domestic Development of Plastic Machinery Need the Technician Support2014-10-13

GreenMax of INTCO Recycling seeks technician support and improves EPS recycling machines, like EPS Compactor, Styrofoam Densifiers and so on. By devel

The Prohibition of Plastic Bags in California Cause Disputes Again2014-10-09

Recently, Jerry Brown, the governor of California has signed the prohibition of plastic bags which made it rise to the legal status. However, there ar

INTCO Was Invited to Participate in the National Day Celebration in L.A.2014-10-08

The 65th anniversary of China’s National Day has just past and in that cheerful moment, INTCO was invited to participate in the National Day Celebrati

PET Now Dominates the Plastic Food Packaging Area in China2014-09-29

It is true that the great development of the plastic industry brings large profit which boost the economy and also make our life more convenient, but

China Promises the Carbon Reduction and Also Needs to Promote Plastic Recycling2014-09-28

China now needs more enterprises to work together to reduce the carbon emissions and also waste plastic. Since carbon reduction has a specific target,

The EPS Recycling Rate in America Is on the Increase2014-09-26

The increased EPS recycling rate in 2013 has shown that as long as the public, the related enterprises and institutions work together, the EPS recycli

A Global Increase in Demand for PS/EPS Market and EPS Recycling2014-09-24

As the packaging industry’s market demand for PS/EPS material has greatly been promoted, the EPS recycling industry will also have a great opportunity

Waste Plastic Pollution in the Australian Ocean Seriously Harm the Wildlife2014-09-17

A new investigate has discovered that three quarters of the trashes found on the coastline of Australia are waste plastic. Wildlife would mistakenly e

The Demand of Plastic Pipes Promotes the Development of Waste Plastic Industry2014-09-16

The trend of using waste plastic to produce pipes will vastly promote the development of waste plastic recycling industry and the technologies of rege

Three Major Associations of Plastic in European Promote Britain’s Recycling Project2014-09-15

In order to help Britain to achieve this target more smoothly, three major plastic associations in Europe—BPF, PAFA and Europe Plastic Association, jo

Plastic Industry in America Provides Generous Salary and Welfare2014-09-12

The plastic industry with a promising future, needs more people to work for it now and provides generous salary and welfare to attract new employees.

Britain Recycled More Waste Plastics in 2013 Than Expected2014-09-11

Britain has recycled more waste plastic than expected, with the satisfying total amount of 2,500,000 tons, which was higher than the goal of 2,300,000

Europe Recycled and Regenerated Huge Amount of PET Bottles Last Year2014-09-10

PET is a kind of plastic material which has the largest amount of regeneration in Europe. The amount of regenerated PET bottles in Europe in 2013—1,64

Additional Tax for Plastic Bags in Northern Ireland Comes into Effect2014-09-09

Since the release of the “ban on free plastic bags” in Northern Ireland, people who need plastic bags should pay additional tax for them, which has re

Spain’s Recycling Rate of Waste Plastic in 2013 Ranked Second in Europe2014-09-05

Spain is a country that emphasizes on environmental protection and waste plastic recycling, ranking second among the European countries. In 2013, Spai

Deposit Collection System in Germany Promotes Plastic Bottle Recycling2014-09-04

In Germany’s supermarkets, one bottle of the local brand mineral water in the volume of 0.5 liter is priced at 0.99 euros, which costs more money than

Packaging for Moon Cake Has the Trend of Becoming Cheap and Simple2014-09-03

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and all kinds of gift boxes for moon cakes are sold in the whole nation. Compared with the moon cake packaging

What Can the Recycled Waste Plastic Be Turned Into?2014-09-02

When using plastic products, have you ever thought about how to deal with the waste plastic and what they can be turned into after being recycled? The

How People in Brussels Treat the Waste Plastic?2014-09-01

Waste plastic and other wastes are appropriately recycled and dealt with in some European countries, so there are comparatively less pollution in thes

Plastic Bottle Recycling Brings Large Profits to Enterprises in Taiwan2014-08-29

Waste plastic bottle recycling can help to save nature resources and reduce pollution, and also can procreate great business opportunities which bring

The Amount of Waste Plastic Increases Rapidly2014-08-26

The widely use of plastic products results in a rapid increase of waste plastic. According to the statistics, the annual amount of waste plastic produ

Germany Leads the Way of Waste Management in The World2014-08-25

Germany is advanced in the field of waste management and has become one of the models in the whole world. It has gradually formed a new and efficient

GreenMax’s Working Process of Recycling Plastics2014-08-20

GreenMax Compressor now has four series of machines: APOLO, POSEIDON, ZEUS and Mars. Different series has special devices for different materials they

PepsiCo Assists in Plastic Bottle Recycling in America2014-08-14

It has been reported recently that PepsiCo and the American National Environmental Organization are in a new partnership in the field of recycling pla

Let Us Cognize the Plastic Recycling Symbols2014-08-13

Plastic products with different numbers in the triangle have their own physical and chemical properties and matters needing attention, so it’s necessa

Prohibition of EPS Tableware in Washington DC May Not Be A Good Idea2014-08-12

Prohibition of EPS tableware may not be a good idea. It is a fact that EPS waste can be recycled and make new contributions to our life.

Will PET Bottles Take the Place of Glass Ones for Beer Packing?2014-08-08

PET bottle, a new type of container for beer, has advantages over glass bottle, and can be recycled by using the PET Compactor.

Bright Future for the EPS/Styrofoam Recycling Business2014-08-07

Recently, the famous Plastic Recycling Inc. (PRI) has established a factory for EPS/Styrofoam recycling in Indiana.

PS/Polystyrene Chemical Properties Test Data2014-08-06

Plastic test is to isolate plastic raw material or plastic products, testing them by high technology analytical instrument, and then by reversal deduc

Global PE Demand Increases Compare with Last Decade2014-08-05

A latest report released by consultant company GlobalData claims that during 2013 to 2018, global PE demand compound annual growth rate will reach 3.7

EU Motivates More PET Recycling2014-08-04

Europe is motivating more PET recycling to increase the reuse rate of PET bottle.

PET Anti-dumping Storm Involves Globally2014-08-01

Recently, Malaysia and Egypt governments claims at the same time that they will conduct anti-dumping investigation on PET cargo from all over the worl

Plastic Recycling and Reusing2014-07-31

The excellent insulation of PET material makes it the main package material for juice,dairy product, tea beverage,sodas and mineral water.

North America PS Price Decreased Again in June2014-07-30

It is known that because the demand market is weak, North America PS price decreased a little again in June, average decrease range is 1 cent dollar e

PET Applications in Daily Life2014-07-29

PET is mainly used in soft drink package. PET has almost totally occupied the 2 liter unrecyclable container market; 1.5 liter, 1 liter, 0.5 liter and

PET Recycling and Reusing2014-07-28

Among plastic package materials, PET package is recyclable. In 1990, about 13.5 million pound PET package was recycled, the recycling rate is 20 perce

Why Chinese Enterprises Largely Import Waste Plastic2014-07-25

Plastic resource is called “human second mineral resource”, “treasure in the city”.

America Studied New Technology to make Fuel Oil Material2014-07-24

According to a report released by Singapore Union Morning Newspaper on February 17th, American scientists research and develop a new technology that c

EPS Becomes the New Favor of Chemical Product Import and Export2014-07-23

Journalist knew yesterday that a batch of sixty thousand expandable polystyrene/EPS has arrived at Sudan smoothly.

PET Recycling Is Included In European Seventh Framework Program2014-07-22

Recently, a PET recycling program is included in European Seventh Framework Plan and gets 1.5million euro grunt fund.

Get To Know Which Plastic Bottle Is Safe2014-07-21

While using plastic container, we had better have a look at the number beneath the bottle, only when we know about the material property can we use pr

Negative Impact on the Ecological Environment of Waste Plastics2014-07-17

Since twentieth century when plastic products came into being, plastic products have been widely used in all kinds of areas for its features

Seventy Percent Disposable Foam Plastic Is Made From Waste Material2014-07-16

Up to May 1st, disposable foam plastic has appeared in the market again by one year.

Physical Recycling Technology of Waste Plastic2014-07-15

Currently, based on the wrong concept of “waste is the wrongly placed resource”, waste plastic can be recycled in physical ways to realize recycling a

Chemical Recycling Technology of Waste Plastic2014-07-14

Chemical recycling technology is also called resource utilization technology, it refers to the management of waste plastic products who has complicate

World Cup Jersey Made of Waste Plastic Bottles2014-07-11

According to a report released by France media Figaro Newspaper, Taiwan textile industry has been place resource recycling as the core of industry upg

Plastic Waste Seriously Threatening Ocean Ecological Environment2014-07-08

Two reports released on June 23rd by UN Environment Program point out that large scales of plastic waste is increasingly threatening the marine creatu

EU Voted to Cut Down Use of Plastic Bags2014-07-07

By 2019, EU countries will have to cut down at least 80% the use of plastic bags as the most commonly used and most serious pollutant. Last Wednesday,

Accelerate the Introduction of Renewable Resources Recycling Plan2014-07-03

On April 25th, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China spokesman Yao Jian answered a reporter's question about accelerating the con

American Plastic Film Recycling Rate Struggles to Grow2014-07-02

A recent statistic about North-America after-consumption plastic bag and plastic film recycling indicates that recycling rate on the whole gains a sub

“Territorial Declaration, Territorial Release” Policy2014-07-01

General Administration of Customs on April 10th announced that the Customs General Administration of Customs on April 10th announced that the Customs

Bottled Water: Get to Know Plastic and Water2014-06-30

There used to be a rumor that women can not drink bottled water put in a car because plastic bottle will give off chemical material once meet with the

Plastic Bottle Recycling Market Is Not Ideal2014-06-27

In 1990s, waste plastic bottles are everywhere. As domestic waste plastic bottle recycling and reusing technology improves, plastic bottle recycling r

How Much Do You Know About Plastic Bags2014-06-26

Buying breakfast, beverage, fruit, snack and so on, one person might use about ten plastic bags during an ordinary day.

Green Plastic Package Industry Is Constantly Growing2014-06-25

Environmental problem is one of the most severe challenges China faces in the 21 century.

Beautiful Maze Made of Waste Bottles2014-06-24

For those waste plastic bottles, we won’t give them a serious look; they are totally ignored by our ordinary people.

China Ranked the First in Global Plastic Production Last Year2014-06-23

According to European Plastic Manufacturer Association, European plastic production kept increasing steadily last year.

Waste Plastic Granule Machine Structure2014-06-16

Plastic granule’s main part is plastic extruding machine which is composed of extruding system, driving system, heating and cooling system.

Wuhan Has Invented Degradable Plastic Made from Starch2014-06-16

On June 5th, Wuhan city “World Environment Day” activity was initiated in Wuhan Huali Environmental Protection Company, whose experiments of kitchen g

Using New Material to Solve Urban Sewerage System2014-06-16

It is known that traditionally urban sewerage system usually use concrete, PE, or glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Classification and Chemical Properties of PS2014-06-16

Polystyrene, PS for short, is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic.

Nursing Bottle Needs Periodic Replacement to Avoid Releasing BPA2014-06-13

How often should a nursing bottle be replaced?

Polyurethane Foam Plastic-the Best Choice for Construction Energy Conservation Material2014-06-13

Currently, our country has attach much importance to energy conservation. As a good thermal insulation material, polyurethane foam has been widely use

Recyclable Plastic R&D Keeps Moving Forward2014-06-13

Recyclable plastic refers to plastic which can be recycled and reused after running out of its lifespan; almost all thermoplastics can be recycled and

Demand for Personalized Plastic Package Is Getting Stronger2014-06-13

Plastic is a kind of high polymer material basically consists of macromolecule polymer resin. Applying plastic bottles to package material is a symbol

Several Ways to Recycle Plastic2014-06-12

Solutions to dealing with large scales of waste plastic have been a hot issue in today’s environmental protection age.

Environmental Problems Lead Plastic Industry to Green Direction2014-06-12

Nowadays, people pay more attention to food safety and physical health. It is a scaring thing talking about plastic for the packaging industry.

Plastic Waste Can Be Converted into Energy2014-06-12

As global energy source is in great shortage, reusing renewable energy is a great urgency.

Ways Dealing with Plastic-foam Tableware2014-06-12

Plastic-foam dinnerware has poor heat resistance.

Security Issue Becomes Plastic Flexible Package Company’s Focus of Attention2014-06-12

Since plastic flexible package can meet the requirements of protecting commodity diversification, food quality guarantee period is remarkably improved

American New Role Favors Electric Waste Recycling2014-06-11

Since electronic information industry develops very rapidly, electric waste already becomes the fastest growing solid waste.

Thousands of Plastic Scraps Be Created in the Coming Decade2014-06-11

Six-year Limitation of Using Plastic Bags Remains High2014-06-11

Plastic Flexible Package Replace Bottled Container Becomes an Inevitable Trend2014-06-11

Countries and EPS Recycling2014-06-11