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The improved polystyrene recycling methods2016-12-31

People are getting more and more aware of the seriousness of the pollution and the importance of a clean and eco- friendly environment. People are str

EPS waste launches the program of polystyrene recycling2016-12-30

People gradually become to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent years. Recently, people took a step which

Improvement of the technology of recycling polystyrene2016-12-23

During the past few years, with the rapid development of take-away food and packages, people are adapted to using polystyrene or foam products in dail

Polystyrene recycling should be implemented with the help of compactors2016-12-20

Polystyrene is widely applied in people’s daily lives, it can be used to make disposable coffee cups, food containers or egg trays. So polystyrene bec

Foam densifiers increase the efficiency of recycling2016-12-17

People are more and more depend on the use of plastic products. Certainly these kinds of products provide people with convenience but on the other asp

Increasing development of expanded polystyrene recycling machines2016-12-13

Due to the terrible white pollution, people gradually become to realize the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent y

Efficient recycling methods of applying foam compactors2016-12-09

Plastic waste is everywhere — disposable coffee cups, food containers and egg trays. But the existence of foam may end soon in many cities worldwide u

The application of new technology in recycling plastic waste2016-12-07

During recent years, people are used to the fast pace of life and they like to eat take-out food in order to save time. Take-out food are usually put

New types of machines contribute to polystyrene recycling2016-12-02

The recycling actions taken by the organizations and the ordinary people contribute to the environment protection. People use plastic products every d

Polystyrene can be processed by recycling equipment efficiently2016-11-29

Nowadays, people in many countries like to bring take-out food or restaurant leftovers home. These food is usually be put in the disposable Styrofoam

New technology is gradually applied in the process of plastic recycling2016-11-24

After years of dismally low recycling rates in the cities, people are getting more and more aware of the seriousness of the pollution and the importan

Foam Trays can be Recycled by Melting Machines2016-11-22

Plastic products provide people with a lot of benefits, it saves people time and increase the efficiency. But just as the saying goes, every coin has

Methods to process the waste polystyrene into renewable products2016-11-18

From the aspect of thinking about the recycling materials, waste papers or batteries always come to people’s mind at first. Few of people would think

Efficient plastic products recycling with the application of densifiers2016-11-15

Greenmax is a company which focuses on producing recycling machines including densifiers. The company has its own production line and is able to produ

Application of New Polystyrene Foam Densifier2016-11-11

Greenmax is professional in producing recycling machines and good at exporting.

Efficient Styrofoam Recycling Methods2016-11-08

During recent years, with the rapid development of take-away food and packages, people are used to applying EPS or styrofoam products in daily lives.

Five Things People Should Never Put in Your Recycling Bin2016-11-05

After all, we know recycling is good — that it saves energy, conserves natural resources, protects natural habitats and wildlife, reduces GHG emission

How can factory owners choose machines with high quality?2016-11-03

During the recent years, with the rapid development of enterprises and product packaging requirements of consumers, production-oriented enterprises ha

Advanced Recycling Technology in Plastic Packaging Industry2016-10-14

At present, the popular packaging in the markets is mainly plastic EPS foam. The market proportion of plastic polystyrene recycling machine-based recy

General Introduction of Polystyrene Foam Compactor2016-09-22

EPS foam compactor is to use a helical compression mechanism to compact EPS foam into blocks. The operator dropped the foam block into the hopper

Polystyrene Family in Our Daily Life2016-09-05

Polystyrene is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic, has wide application in everyday life, is an indispensable material in modern industry.

Linpac Will Spend £ 1.2 Million on Expansion of EPS Tray2016-09-01

Linpac, is a fresh food packaging manufacturer in the United Kingdom, will invest £ 1.2 million on the establishment of processing plant in St. Helens

Polystyrene Recycling in Georgia Athens-Clarke County2016-08-29

Great news!!! Grant $ 29,000 will be used to expanded polystyrene recycling in Georgia Athens-Clarke County.

INTCO Group EPS Recycling Project2016-08-26

The latest survey found that, polystyrene plastics recycling has increasingly become part of the recycling career.

Is Polystyrene Packing Material Recyclable2016-08-22

Polystyrene is a homopolymer of styrene, is a common thermoplastic, the production is less than polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride.

GREENMAX Turns Styrofoam Into Frames Successfully2016-08-15

Billions of tonnes of plastic waste is not easily decomposed hoarding in every corner of the world, the pollution and the harm to the environment can

Polystyrene Funiture Packaging Material in IKEA2016-08-08

Recently, Swedish home goods giant IKEA said, IKEA plans to use environmentally friendly packaging materials made of mushrooms to instead of polystyre

Styrofoam Packaging is Popular in Germany2016-08-05

German plastics trade groups IK recently involved in an on airpop / EPS (also known as polystyrene foam) packaging image investigation.

Work Principle of Styrofoam Densifier Extruder2016-08-01

Styrofoam densifier uses the compressing, heating and shearing methods to convert waste EPS foam into a uniform melt

Stop Pollution of Plastic Products2016-07-29

"We only have one earth!" The survival of humanity can not leave the environment. Let's use more multi-purpose bags, use less plastic packaging

EPS Foam Packaging Industry Has Great Prospects2016-07-19

EPS foam is a thermoplastic material, per cubic meter volume of styrofoam contains 300-600 million independent airtight bubbles, the volume of air con

The Applications of EPS Recycling Machine are Increasingly2016-07-04

In recent years, EPS recycling machines and other equipment developed rapidly, plastic machinery industry also developed

Plastic Recycling Rate Decreased in South Africa2016-06-20

According to a recent industry report, due to lower oil prices, recycling of plastic in South Africa also decreased significantly last year.

Seeing Waste Plastics From the United Nations Environment Assembly2016-05-30

The second session of the UN Environment Conference is held in Nairobi, Kenya. As conference organizers, UNEP is committed to hold a "green conference

Countermeasures of Waste Plastics in Developed Countries2016-05-20

Due to the extensive use and good performance of plastics, plastic and steel, timber, formed the four basic materials of modern industry

EPS Waste Recycling In The United States2016-05-11

EPS foam is a thermoplastic material, per cubic meter volume contains 300-600 million independent airtight bubbles, the volume of air contains 98% or

Nine PET Recycling Technologies2016-05-03

PET plastic recycling as a large waste force, is widely used in industry. The application field of recycled PET is varies.

Recycled Plastic Granulation Development Prospects Are Promising2016-04-05

NDRC invested of 20 billion yuan subsidies for environmental protection industry, investment areas include water, solid waste, heavy metal pollution,

The Introduction Of Polystyrene2016-03-16

Polystyrene pellets called the expanded polystyrene foam pellets. The material is made from based raw materials of expanded foam.

Biodegradable Plastic Gradually Will Replace To Other Bags2016-03-07

Green development has been advocating for many years in China, we did a lot of work to overcome the white pollution

Plastic Recycling Situation Is Imminent2016-02-29

With the increasing urban population, acceleration of industrialization process, and growing consumer awareness

10 Principles Of Waste Plastic Granulation Extruder2016-02-19

Most of the single - screw is right-handed, such as screw and bolt used in wood and machine. If seeing from the back, they are the reverse rotation, b

Waste Plastics Recycling Industry Trend2016-01-26

General people, is the contrast of recycling industry trend. Over the past decade, Jin collected waste in a district of the North Fourth Ring Road in

Recycling Raiders Of Waste Plastic Foam2016-01-15

Polystyrene foam can use in household appliances, such as styrofoam packaging or frozen food packaging such as fish boxes, food trays and lunch boxes.

Polyurethane Recycling In Waste Refrigerator Industry2016-01-04

Polyurethane (PU) is a new polymer material, known as "the fifth largest plastic", and is widely used because of its excellent performance. PU foam pr