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Recyclable Plastic R&D Keeps Moving Forward

Recyclable plastic refers to plastic which can be recycled and reused after running out of its lifespan; almost all thermoplastics can be recycled and reused. However, molecular lost during reprocessing decides that recycled plastic cannot be used in high quality required occasions. For this reason, people need to explore a simple, effective and low-cost method to reduce molecular lost and property decrease. Recyclable plastic R&D will constantly develop in the future.

plastic pellets

Currently, recyclable resource has become a very important raw material source for industry production. Its status and function in national economy is gradually standing out. Recyclable plastic industry becomes a new trend in plastic industry. It is very easy to shape plastic, besides, plastic raw materials is quite rich, thus it is widely used. It can even take place of some wood production and metal production.

However, the biggest problem comes after widely using plastic isplastic recyclingIt’s very difficult to recycle and reuse waste plastic, burning produces toxic gas, burying is hard to break down and causing soil pollution. But recyclable plastic is recyclable and reusable; it is a typical environmentally friendly material and is in accord to presently environmental protection trend.

Expert points out that plastic recycling industry is a necessary orientation for future industry, and it is an important part of manufacturing.