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Intco Becomes The Main Sponsor to Support Chinese Volleyball League

On November 3, 2015-2016 Chinese women's Volleyball League Zibo Intco medical division first competition was held in Zibo City, Shandong Province Sports Center comprehensive museum. Shandong Intco medical supplies Co., Ltd. becomes Chinese Volleyball League Shandong main sponsor and supports the development of Chinese Volleyball League.
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China Volleyball League, founded in 1996, organized by the Chinese Volleyball Association, is Chinese highest level of volleyball professional league, divided into women's and men's team, there are currently 12 teams participating per team. As the top professional league, the Chinese Volleyball League has been representing the highest level of domestic professional volleyball tournament, the good atmosphere, the standard system, etc., Not only transported a group of high level players in China Volleyball National team, but also attracted foreign outstanding volleyball players.
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The level of a national volleyball, often depends on the level of the domestic professional league. With the Chinese women's volleyball team won the women's Volleyball World Cup again, the Chinese volleyball once again aroused people's pursuit, and domestic volleyball League which represents the highest level held in Zibo. It is a recognition about the development of Zibo sports and urban sports facilities construction.
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As a brand of Intco company, Our Greenmax Recycling is proud of becoming the main sponsor to support Chinese Volleyball League and we are very happy to have the precious chance to participate in the great sports competition. On the one hand, as an EPS foam Recycling Specialist, we disseminated information about our company and product foam recycling machine. On the other hand, we are very pleased to devote ourselves to national volleyball development.
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