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Chemical Recycling Technology of Waste Plastic


Chemical recycling technology is also called resource utilization technology, it refers to the management of waste plastic products who has complicated, uneasy to separate or has bad effect after mixture components.


Using chemical ways can realize maximizing the comprehensive benefits.


Using chemical technology can save and reuse resource, reduce management cost and at the same time, eliminate or decrease plastic influence on environment.


It is the study focus of waste plastic resource utilization recent years, mainly including pyrolysis oil technology, blast furnace injection technology, and energy utilization technology.


Take pyrolysis oil technology for example, Pyrolysis oil technology is by adding a certain amount of catalyst during heating, so that plastic break up into initial monomer or revivify back to material like Petroleum, and then make chemical material such as ethylene, styrene and tar. Mainly include pyrolysis, catalytic and catalytic-pyrolysis methods.


Take pyrolysis for example, waste plastic separation is a little complicated, if separate after classification, certain equipment, energy and time will be needed and the cost is relatively high.


Different waste plastics have their own pyrolysis temperature feature. For common waste plastic such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene, several stages are needed.


For example, pyrolysis polystyrene at low temperature and recycle valuable styrene monomer and light weight fuel oil, recycle heavy weight fuel oil at high temperature.


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